Hey there,

Welcome to PacifistHome.

I’m Sakib Sadman, a Social Media Manager. I am a senior marketer with an expert knowledge of front-end techniques. I am also a web developer. Likewise, I love structure and order, and I also stand for quality. Not only that, but I love to fix little details and optimizing the web. Also, I enjoy working in a team, you’ll learn faster and much more.

After graduating from college with an associate’s degree in digital arts, I made my way into multiple jobs.

First, starting out as a designer in the print industry for a small publishing company. This was the start of many-core understandings and played a key role in my thought process when thinking about design as a whole, especially when it comes to typography.

After that, working my way into the development industry was a path that I created for myself based on one question that I still ask, how does it work? This was the one question that started the passion I call my career.