Digital electronic and biometric locks are more reliable than a typical mechanical lock with a normal key for protecting your home, office, cafe, or hotel. Only allowed access is possible if an electronic lock is used.

The research results show that the evaluation carried out by the experts and criminologists of door locks, the type of door handles and locks may be divided as follows according to reliability:

The lack of public awareness about new technologies and biometric makes the reliability of a digital electronic lock to protect the property doubt (with a fingerprint, RF-card). Questions such as this are: what does the electronic lock reliability mean? How high is biometric lock strength? Can the sensor be disappointed?

Digital electronic locks have very high reliability, functionality, comfort, and impeccable appearance as their major advantages.

The mechanical lock deactivation is far easier than the electronic lock. For example, it is enough to insert a toothpick on the slot of the cylinder locking cylinder in order to damage a mechanical lock.

In this context, digital door locks are much more convenient and more secure–there are no functional holes to be jammed in the locks. Up to 3.5 tons per centimeter. The lock can withstand physical effects. There’s therefore a lot of effort for an attacker to break the lock.

In addition, there are several other benefits of electronic door locks:

  1. Night illumination presence;
  2. The built-in siren is activated when trying to break into or support the keys and code;
  3. Fire detection sensor availability; anti-panic system;
  4. Automatic function of locking;
  5. Dual maximum safety authorization;
  6. An automatic recall is triggered if the door is unlocked;
  7. The built-in power supply powers finger batteries;

The company offers premium digital locks with a fingerprint, password, and RF card for homes, hotels, offices, and lockers, of high quality, electronically and with excellent biometric quality.

best door lock for security

Choose the best door lock for security

best door lock for security

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Various fingerprint boards

We will see whether it can secure, well your door than a key by the fingerprints or retina and we will also see the limits of the sophisticated device. Biometric locks are not necessarily reserved for very secure premises. Most times, they can be useful since it saves a considerable amount of time and enables easy access management. It is possible to give access to several users, adding but in particular easily deleting access, unlike using a code or locking cylinder that logically changes when a departure happens.

In case of a power failure, the major problem for this type of lock. There must then be an alternative device to open the lock: usually a code. However, the need for an inverter to enable the lock to work normally until a failure in power is remedied is recommended.

Recognition of the face

One of the most popular security systems in mobile phones, for example, has been facial identification of the Fingerprint door locks. They can also use it with an electronic security system, in which it made something commonly known to us or to our eyes. Similarly, you can access over one person, like all electronic security systems. The faces that the recognition sensor can recognize for locks only have to be properly configured.


Fingerprints are another type of Fingerprint Access Control Systems recognition sensor that is often used in safety-related single-access safe operations. Some doors, for example, are highly secure and divided by departments. Here, the thumbprint (the most common) is placed in these enterprises.

They give access to the door or panel we want to access in this way.

Key tablets

We need a fully electronic complete panel to collect both facial recognition and fingerprints. If your house or business doesn’t want facial or fingerprint recognition, you can combine it in three ways:

  1. Reconnaissance in the face
  2. Fingerprinting
  3. Key of special

It is the least certain way to see the sensor type for locks when entering the key on the panel. However, for anyone who can access the panel, you can make a custom key. Finally, we remind you that for these panels to work perfectly; you need a good safety and maintenance system.

Keyless door locks are a safe and advanced locking system for the advantages of a wide range of companies. This means that users who no longer need access will no longer have received the code, but can change code regularly to improve security. The keyless door locks also benefit because misplaced or stolen keys are no longer an issue. If there are any doubts about building safety if keys are lost or robbed, it’s costly to change an entire set of locks and make you vulnerable until a replacement is done.

Functions for digital door locking before purchase

Digital door lock is a type of electronic and mechanical locking system which works wirelessly through the verification of registered users. With no traditional Smartphone and other wireless methods, the digital door lock allows access to homemakers to automatically check and open the doors.

To enter the building easily, the best option is an intelligent fingerprint lock, as you can enter the house without having to hurry about finding the keys with your arms full of food. Selecting digital door locks from a wide range can be difficult tasking, so you understand certain features of a digital door lock are indispensable.

Types of Digital Door Locking

You can categorize the digital door lock as:

The substitution of Digital door locks, replace the existing indoor bolt lock fully and provide the owner with a range of access options. The Digital door locks retrofit are those locks that are mounted on the turning cylinder and leave the old key lock untouched. They also make the owner easy to install and use.

Before purchasing a digital door lock the features you should consider are:

Closing and unlocking system automatically

Nearly all connected Bluetooth locks offer the owner code less or keyless entry. The digital retrofit door locks allow the user to automatically unlock the door by having a Smartphone. Some digital door locks with keypads do not have proximity auto-unlock characteristics because of security reasons. So this will definitely help you in the future if you buy a digital door lock.

Various options for entry

Your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi may sometimes fail and may not be a trustworthy option. Modern digital door-locks provide various entry options, such as physical keys or PIN codes, alongside wireless unlocking options. This feature is also important to look out for when purchasing a digital door lock.

Keys Guest

Users can provide “key” to visitors that they approve as family members, friends, etc with the newest upgrade models. It will permit the user to enter the house for a specific amount and the number of times by texting or emailing the Digital door lock application. Owners allow replacing digital door locks.

Design and completion of the lock

Trusted lock producers such as a wide range of digital door locks, which have different finishes and trimmings, such as bronze, brass, silver, and black. The choice of a single lock style also has considerable value and should be taken into consideration when buying a digital door lock.

Interact with access-controlled safety locks

For any company, security is a key issue. It is therefore important to select the safety locks that suit every need and today we will discuss the various kinds of locks. It is also important for companies to select an accommodation monitor, which will open the doors and lathes of the box via its electric lock connectivity.

Remember the key options for remotely opening a lock–number code with an external keyboard, card and proximity keychain, electronic keys, biometrics, remote control, SMS, and Bluetooth app. All these options require the lock to be electronically so that the access control can impel it and open up remotely to persons with allowed entry into the protected area.

Main electronic lock types

You can choose between several models considering the system, opening mode, input class, and access control level.

The most basic electromagnetic locks are two main parts: an electromagnet and a sheet, or a moving component. They are the most basic. As long as the current flows through its coil and closes the door, the electromagnet in the door framework works like a magnet. It allows the opening of the door when it stops receiving an electric current.

Electronic bulbsThe electronic door locks installed in households and companies are compatible in a format similar to a common light bulb. You can work with an electronic key in which case a special opening of the key is necessary; or you can work with nearby cards, electronic keys, or key chains and then have your external face to control the battery opening and closing systems, programming, and battery changes. Some have a digital keyboard as well.

Hotel special: Its formats are a shooter or a built-in digital keyboard with a card reader. It allows an economizer system to turn on or off the electricity supply, saving energy.

Electronic motorized locks: The digital numeric keyboard, proximity reader, remote control, proximity keychain, or the Smartphone via the APP can give you the opening momentum. They can program that when the door is closed, the key turns are fully automatic.

Suitable for communities in the neighborhood: Although there are still many communities that have electronic door openers that open mechanical doors, increasing numbers of electrical locks and fewer electrical door openers are being used, because of their safety, they are auto-locking, as we have seen in the previous type.

The level of electrical lock safety

The safety level of electronic locks depends on two factors someone cannot monitor alone the installed closing system and the opening method because the magic product is not yet developed which.

If a talented hacker decoded the most advanced block encryption system, the greatest risk would be of the computer kind if it violated the electronic locks.

Digital lock progressing & security

Protect your home with a digital lock and protect your property. The standard for the car is now the electronic or digital lock. Without a key, the car is locked. It also used digital locks more and more in the house and in the spare time.

The advantages are:

  1. Keys cannot be lost
  2. Do not abuse searching
  3. Give access from outside as well
  4. There can be no key copy into the wrong hands
  5. Closing times recording
  6. Everywhere monitoring

Applications and electronic door lock functions:

Where the individual doors are secured electronically without additional functions, for the apartment or front door a single electronic lock cylinder is required. It can be easily exchanged and does not require additional structural measures or components. The electronic cylinder is usually operated by the battery and combined with the mechanical locking device. The residential objects can be easily retrofitted and networked with several doors such as the patio door, garage, or basement entrance.

The access control system can store permissions and information and allow or prohibit the access, at certain times, of certain individuals. The electronic lock cylinder provides logging and security control.

Electric door handles and locks can be integrated or included in an alarm system. Thus, the permission to access the protocol can always be controlled or adjusted from anywhere using a mobile phone on the Internet. Any unauthorized access or lock handling is sent to the alarm center, and an alarm is triggered.

Electronic lock advantages:

The advantages of a fingerprint door lock are almost obvious: you don’t have to wear a key anymore, so it won’t be lost and you can control exactly who’s in the house.

Even now, this naive idea is continuously developing, as not a lot of manufacturers manufacture electronic locks to date. However, different variants that can be applied in both the commercial and private sectors can already be chosen.

  1. Electronic door lock advantages:
  1. Electronic lock’s disadvantages:

Select the best digital Lock

You have a seam of doubts about the aspects; consider making the right decision if you are thinking of acquiring a smart lock. Not always is the costliest product the most appropriate for your needs, so we have taken care of your connected lock and list several factors to keep in mind to make the most investment possible.

  1. Price: The price is certain, one of the first details to be considered. Price Digital door locks are more costly than conventional locks and each has several pricing requirements and features. The costs of installation or additional modules must therefore be made aware.
  2. Lock locks types: Closures or smart locks are various, and as it’s a market in the obvious boom, the offer is going to be shot.
  3. Locking of digital doors: Digital codes or fingerprints for opening are the simplest form of closing for the closing of chains or closets or boxes.
  4. Door Lock Fingerprint: Your password is your finger now. The Fingerprint ID Feature offered A new, safe, and private approach to opening and authentication.
  5. Close intelligent security: It helps you to lock the items to protect, mainly used in cabinets or some windows. Digital door locks are obvious precursors to intelligent locks and home alarms.
  6. Smart electronic locks: You replace the old lock completely, with a card, code, or biometric opening only automatically. They have no conventional keys, and although they are possibly the most “showy,” their everyday use in a house can be problematic. Very useful for a large number of people in offices and other doors with access.
  7. Intelligent locks hybrid: Equipped with electronic opening elements; intelligent hybrid locks enable access by common keys and are recommended for any unexpected occurrences, therefore.

Types of Digital openness

Once the locks have been determined, it is time to decide the digital opening method as required: