Bluetooth Deadbolt, Works with Your Existing Lock, Keyless Entry, Smartphone Access. Works with Ring and Apple HomeKit.

Level Bolt Smart Lock is made to fit your existing hardware and enclosure so you can have a smart lock without adding bulky boxes or sticky keypads to your beautiful front door.

Make your lock smart and keep design integrity in your homeLevel Bolt is the only way of invisible transformation of your existing deadbolt. Make sure your lock is smart and keep the integrity of your home design alive.

Designed for all of usOffer your friends and family the convenience of using their telephone, voice or even an old key to get into your home.

Stay connectedAccess from any location, use with other devices, control with your voice, create home automation, and more.

Award-winning designWorld-renowned as the best in quality and innovation, Level Bolt has won many awards for product design.

Simple installationThe installation of Level Bolt on your door is simple and requires just one screwdriver.

The Level Lock is a modern smart lock that opposes those things- formerly it’s installed, it’s effectively unseen and masks all of its electronics and works inside your living deadbolt lock. It even gives you to free and adjacent the lock casually with your phone or your speech through Apple’s HomeKit program, or manually with the same key that you’ve always used.

But unless you know the Level Lock is there, you’d never suspect the altered deadbolt had any smarts at all. It includes the same outdoor and interior display as before, and indeed the performance of manually turning the lever is as stable as an ideal deadbolt, with no wiring or scraping from a generator.

Since the Level Lock simply runs with HomeKit, I wouldn’t worry about it if you’re an Android user. You’d do not know to handle it when away from the home or set up any automation. The particular information you could do is press a button in the Level app when you’re within Bluetooth range to lock or unlock the door.

Level Lock’s limitations are depressing and if I were looking for a smart lock for my primary fascinate, I’d possibly move with one of the better perfectly displayed locks applicable, indeed if they are realizing eyesores in identification.

As a mechanical undertaking, even though, the Level Lock is extremely remarkable, and it places toward a second when we can have all kinds of smart technology installed in our homes without being pointed out it’s there every moment we go home. It’s just not entirely well yet.