Deadbolt Featuring Smart Key Security

Color: Venetian Bronze

So far, we have been certain that nothing is safer than a key and a lock: but the technical advancement that progresses from second to second has shown that we are not correct.

Did you know about electronic locks already? Ten years ago, the first electronic locks were put on the market and since the first moment, it has overcome the interest of many consumers.

What is the reason? The response is simple: they should provide all users with the highest levels of protection and optimum comfort. Take an example: have you ever lost or forgotten a key where you put it? With electronic locks, it absolutely avoided this pain. In addition, several features, including remote opening, are available for these devices.

 Kwikset 99420-002 Aura Bluetooth Programmable Keypad Door Lock may also be used for opening, shouting, or closing of doors and gates, as well as for opening or closing fixtures, locks, or garage doors.

The electronic lock, also known as an electrical lock or a digital lock, works very similar to traditional locks, but it used an electrically driven electromagnet for removing the lock.

You can open electronically by a special button, a plate, or a certain card and by remote controls that can send an opening code to the lock at more or less relevant distances. There are smart digital door locks too, as you can see in Russian spy movies, that the recognition of a digital fingerprint can unlock.

Why do they choose?

The decision to install an electronic lock is very simple: these systems often help to ease stress as well as guarantee greater protection than regular locks.

Tell your bag or jeans pockets to millions of tinkling keys: one to the entrance, one in the garage, and the door of the building. Say enough to you. You can say farewell to the awkward metal keys by purchasing an electronic lock, particularly those with an opening code.

 Kwikset 99420-002 Aura Bluetooth Programmable Keypad Door Lock often allows friends, family, roommates, and employees to be granted temporary or permanent access.

Another digital lock role is that you can track access or simply check if you left the door after you are away, especially if you have connections with home automation systems or remote controls.

What kinds are on the market?

Now, several digital lock models, differing in their authentication process, are available on the market.

Included among the forms of sales are definitely binary code and password locks. Kwikset 99420-002 Aura Bluetooth Programmable Keypad Door Lock is unlocked by entering a code on the number keyboard. Today, it has entirely replaced the touchscreen keyboards. Some systems provide audio feedback and are fitted with reverse lights so that even in low light conditions, such as nighttime, it is easy to use the lock.