Wi-Fi Smart Lock Fingerprint with Patented Keypad

It’s about that product-

The patented algorithm prevents your Access Codes from being simply predicted. Security, reinvented, with your smartphone, control and monitor gate access from all over the world and safely control who comes and goes. The Lockly PGD728W-SN Secure Pro Deadbolt Edition Wi-Fi Smart Lock with Fingerprint Access and the touch screen are designed to provide the highest level of safety possible.

The patented numeric keyboard, powered by PIN Genie, displays a keyboard that is always moving, where the numbers are displayed in a series of 4 buttons and is different each time you approach the door.

Although the access code remains the same, where the number is located differs, making it difficult for prying eyes to guess what the actual code is. The Lockly PGD728W-SN Secure Pro smart lock in satin nickel also offers the administrator the possibility to grant remote access and to issue digital keys with specific durations – even when the lock is not connected to the Internet, making it possible for clients to enter without using a smartphone.

The Advanced Onboard 3D Fingerprint Sensor can store up to 99 fingerprints and only recognizes original scanned fingers, rendering copies and fingerprints useless. Manage and display access history in the comfort of your smartphone at all times with the IOS and Android compatible app.

And when needed, the Lockly PGD728W-SN Secure Pro can be unlocked using 1 of 2 physical keys, which are included. The Pro series is activated vocally for Alexa and Google Home too! This is because it includes the Lockly Link Wi-Fi Hub, which supports both voice assistants.

The Hub also offers remote access and notifications and includes a gate sensor for additional control and notifications.