The Key Control program can enhance security while minimizing your liability and helping to control costs. You must choose your organization’s right lock and key safety system and use it correctly, in order to benefit from all these advantages. Just ask yourself the following questions before installing a door lock system, in order to clarify your company’s security needs and to find out what solution is right for you.

What is a Lock System for Doors?

You need to know how it works before installing a new system in your facility. For centuries there have been mechanical solutions to secure property access and not a lot has changed because they are very efficient. Minor changes have had an enormous impact on locks in just the last 30 years, which have made them more efficient and less expensive to maintain. Let’s examine the four key control system components.

Cladding locks

In the past, a lost or stolen key meant that a lock maker was called to replace the lock and the property was secured.

A key reclassified lock allows you to reset locks immediately if a key is lost or robbed.

Serialized loops limited

Every keyholder receives a key with a serial number to trace the key back to their owners. Without permission, these keys cannot be duplicated. Therefore, you always know exactly how many of those keys are circulating and we assign which employees they to when you use those keys. Because they return keys when people leave, the locks on the property cannot be changed, because you know that keys have not been duplicated.

Key Tracking Software based on the cloud

Software-based on a cloud allows system administrators to locally track serialized keys and see at a glance which can unlock the keys. The software offers dashboard reports to summarize your key control program.

Full Management of the Program

You can benefit from the full program management service if you require support in the management of your system. We assign a single point of contact to our clients, help is always close.

Are control and maintenance easy?

You need to know how long you can expect to keep it before you install a new system for locks and key management. Fortunately, the control and maintenance of such systems are easy. Online software complies by enabling you to track keyholders and ensure you know who the keys are, and they are all present. When a lock needs to be reset, you can do this quickly with no physical components other than keys having to replace.

Can I personalize the lock system for my door?

You may be concerned that no product can meet the needs of your company because of its complexity. However, you can customize systems just as they work. Customization options for the keyboard lock cylinder that retrofits most of the existing hardware and online/mobile software and restricted keys even to a large key level of complexity, Grand master ensures that you have access wherever everyone requires it.

What are the advantages of a door locking system?

You will need to explain the advantages clearly in order to convince your stakeholders to invest in a key control system. Investing in this type of system has three main reasons.

Improved safety 

Investing in a safer locking system can reduce the liability of your organization as well as eliminate management problems that open holes in your safety. It is important in today’s regulation and risk world to take steps in order to minimize the liability of your business.

Controlled charges

Good safety must not mean spiraling costs. The continuing costs of maintenance and administration are low once you have invested in an indispensable control system. Of course, the costs of installing a key control system have to be weighed, along with the potential costs resulting from the volume of influential equipment or data.


Consider how long you are spending replacing lock cylinders and cores or waiting for locksmiths to change the locks for you. Returnable locks remove these inefficiencies, enabling the company to continue to operate, even when an employee loses a key.

How much is it expensive?

Obviously, cost questions always play a significant role in the mind of a business owner when considering new products or services. While reclassifying locks and issuing limited keys to employees involve expenses, these costs can cause a rapid return on investment. Of course, the cost of installing a complete system depends on the size and the number of doors to be secured. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements for a detailed estimate of the cost.

You should now understand better the effect a door locking system could have on your organization, having asked yourself those five questions. If you believe that this type of system can help improve your safety while keeping your costs in check, be contact-free to consult. In determining your needs and estimating potential savings by adding a key system, we consider individual factors.

Is it safe for a smart lock? Yeah, that’s it!

If you have researched Smart Home and Smart Locks and have been trying to share some thoughts with friends, you have certainly wondered, “Is it safe for a smart lock??.” Unfinished facts and information often misrepresent Smart Locks. In this article, we will debunk many of these often-hearted myths and give solid arguments for the next debate.

“Smart locks make your door insecure”–false!

Most electronic door lock manufacturers offer upgrades. Something thus mounted the Smart Lock on the existing cylinders. This is normally a much easier solution: you can use your old key when the lock is not changed. It incurred no additional costs. You can just bring your Smart Lock to your new place if you are moving to a new home.

Whether you are using an intelligent lock, we always recommend that you invest in a high-quality, safe lock cylinder.

“I used your smartphone for locking your door? It couldn’t be safe!”–Wrong!–Wrong!–Wrong!

Many people find it uncomfortable to install a smart lock and unlock the door via their smartphone. What if my smartphone is being robbed? When I run out of the battery, how can I lock the door? What if my children don’t have a smartphone yet, can they lock or open the door? I can answer easily all these problems. Another allowed person may just remove your access rights if you lose your smartphone–any time your personal digital key. The advantage is that it can remove rights in a matter of seconds, and you do not have to replace the whole lock as if you lost a convention. If your battery is empty or if you do not have a smartphone, Smart Lock can make several accessories useful. Other ways of entering an example: with an entry code or a small Bluetooth remote controller. Of course, as an additional backup, you can also use your old key.

“Anyone from the outside can just remove a Smart Lock, right?”–wrong! 

Numerous renowned electronic door lock manufacturers and the Smart Lock offer an access solution that can be built inside the door. You can thus not understand from the outside the installation of a Smart Lock inside the door. A great extra safety feature that should also be taken into account when buying a Smart Lock.

“Easy to hack smart locks”–false!

All products from Smart Home, including Smart locks, are often tested for easy hacking. It is often difficult for the uninitiated to assess the extent to which a certain Smart Lock is safe from harmful hacks. Smart Home products are popular in TV and newspaper reports as regards their safety level. They test many in the laboratory under very different conditions than in daily environments. Therefore, the judgments are frequently patchy and cause further insecurity. But independent safety experts and research institutes, who are specializing in IT security, provide reliable information.

They frequently publish their test report on their blogs and usually list these certificates from Smart Lock manufacturers on their websites. The transparency provided by Smart Lock regarding its encryption and data transmission protocols is another important security feature. We have published our concept of end-to-end encryption on our blog.

Bonus: In fact, intelligent locks increase security within your own four walls

There are special features that help to maintain your home safe depending on the Smart Lock model. For example, if the door has not already been manually locked, the Smart Lock can lock the door every day at 10 p.m. The activity log can also verify that your doors are locked, and your children are safe at home–anytime and anywhere. You might also have a clever doorbell if you already live in a smart home. You can use the Smart Lock to video to check who is knocking at your door, and even open the door, whilst you are not at home.