Smart devices are virtually non-negotiable to anyone who has ever thought of trying to run.

With a modest investment in the right collection of gadgets, you can monitor your property in real-time in several useful, potentially vital means which would otherwise be impossible or too expensive to follow. And you can do all of this while maintaining privacy and providing transparency to tenants.

I have been managing my rental for many years and I have found this small collection of rugged appliances, offering comfort to my customers while giving me peace of mind.

And this configuration is useful during the pandemic, enabling tenants to let themselves in without having to risk contact with me.


The newest smart locks deliver such things as voice switching, geo-fencing, and automotive looking. With voice activation, doors are easy to lock and unlock; simply say to your phone that you “unlock the front door” and the lock will be activated. With geofencing, your phone can set up a perimeter around the house and use the location services to determine exactly where you are located.

You would not need to worry about locking until leaving the house. You can have the lock automatically moved behind you as you leave the perimeter.

In the same way, after we have unlocked it for a specified time, an auto-lock feature would automatically lock.

Other features that are to be looked at include keyless touchpads when you do not have your phone or keys, coercion and forced enter alert alarms, and pushing text, and email updates that will let you know who is coming and going on in real-time.

In order to find out who’s at the door before you unlock your door or have an indoor safety camera record when the door is opened, you can also pair your lock with a video doorbell. Remember, the more functions you have, the more usually you would expect to spend.

Kinds of Smart Locks

Remember, smart locks are also available, which door locks are not inherently. For example, we connected padlocks to Bluetooth. We made them to be as hard as any normal lock, but when you’re nearby, use Bluetooth to unlock. You are also allowed temporary or permanent access by using an app to your terms and conditions.

The BoxLock is, in the meantime, a Wi-Fi enabled padlock with an integrated scanner that can protect your packs from mail carriers in a storage box where burglary can’t see or reach them.

Refer to our Best Smart Home Security Systems and Best Outdoor Home Security Cameras for more information on smart home security.

Presentation of building access control systems

I have already written the benefits of access control systems on several times. And we clarify its application to owners’ societies, almost always as access control. We want to show the benefits, but those systems that are geared towards a unique case: building access control systems.

In all areas, protection and control are provided by building access control systems. As an aspect that is not so optimistic, we admit that protection still has some discomfort. This is, for example in buildings with many people, is important in some environments. If these people are constructing staff, guests, carriers, or external services.


With businesses, this kind of security access control is becoming more popular. You have been recently in some ‘intelligent house’ and have witnessed the hanging of employees/visitors’ IDs. Such IDs are typically also RFID or similar cards. They have an internal ID for granting/denying access to hardware-controlled areas.

These control systems, despite what would appear, are not limited to large corporations. The regulation of access is appropriate for any size of buildings. Only find the right equipment for a building’s needs. Therefore, before the installation, we concentrated on the meetings to detail the security needs of the customer.

We have the access control solution you require, from the basic visit control at the reception of your building to the most advanced biometric access.

An installation example

To show a button, as they say. What we do and how we do this is best explained by authentic examples of implementing building access control systems. With rather “curious” casuistry, we’ve selected a specific situation.

Example of installation of building access control:

Where do we find ourselves?

It is an office building recently renovated in central Madrid. The building has 6 office floors and 3 parking floors. Different businesses and at various times inhabit the office floors while it leased them.

How does this happen?

In the main areas of the building and the parking garages, and offline, we have wired readers install placed on the doors of the fire to access the garage (with no wiring). We often build a door operator as well as provide a very heavy main door. This allows workers to enter the building without calling and to access only the car park where they have their seats. A manufacturer-specific server (hardware and software) operates both, managed by the concierge.

The results

Each of the plants, rented, installed access control systems after some months of use of access control cards for buildings. They have designed the systems of each same manufacturer to monitor access to the offices, toilets, and private areas. This allows each plant to monitor access, times, and employees through its own management server.

It may have been ideal, for instance, in a hospital or an airport, to install a global access control system for an entire building, but, as we have shown, it is a client with very particular needs, with which each facility wishes to handle itself, apart from common passage areas.

Advanced Life Tracker

With smart objects that optimize the Wireless Automation System, any smart home can have an advantage. Smart sensors can sense motion, light, temperature, and moisture to increase your security, comfort, and protection. Again is the Smartphone, which can be useful as a mobile device for tracking suspicious behavior, catching intruders, and creating an atmosphere designed for your family’s comfort and protection.

Smart sensors have been little more than a blessing in recent times, and both home and business building owners actively search for devices that boost and robust their security systems. These gadgets are moderately priced, so that much of the market is not hit by very well-made safety devices. Now is the time to carry these devices into your homes and even upgrade them.

Hotel sector and control of remote access

In a world where everything revolves around the Internet, in situations where simple solutions might revolutionize the market, it is difficult not to decrease the high potential of certain goods. How can these features be perceived as “intelligent” tourism management?

We think about the growth that has occurred over the last few years, as well as all those “easy” tourism solutions that do not require any owner to make large initial investments. It is definitely helpful to rent vacation homes, rooms or parts of your house for several days or longer, but you also face problems handling entry and departure and distribution of keys, thus changing physical appearance and organizational skills.

Clever, controlled, and reliable access to your hotel.

Why select a guest check-in and checkout management, automated door lock:

  1. The opening or closing of a door (gate) can be remotely controlled through a web-based system;
  2. You can immediately and simply allow or refuse access to a particular badge;
  3. All activities can be handled and managed in real-time;
  4. Facilitated installation of infrastructure;
  5. The guest is completely self-contained.

What does the accommodation management structure comprise?

The access management system that we are providing for the hotel sector needs an initial investment which is subject to the size of the system and a monthly charge for access to the online portal and to all other integrated services.

The access control systems are not all similar but can be declined by the form of control in contrast to the doors.

Compared to stand-alone solutions, centralized solutions are typically ideal for environments in which a control and supervision system allows users to profile in compliance with the authorization set and enables access, burglaries or incidents to be monitored in fact.

At the company level, it is foremost necessary to examine if bottlenecks exist within one’s structure: stages and processes that slow down the naturally occurring transit of persons/vehicles, with a consequent slowdown. It usually required specific staff in these cases in order to register and validate passages and permits.